Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chundos +turbo v1.0.2 APk

Somewhere in Mexico the greatest race of all times is about to begin!
Race with the unique characters and help one of them to win! But remember, be very careful in battle mode because your opponents are very cruel, they will do everything to exploit your car and win the race.
★ 3 Game Modes (Single Race, Cup and Battle Race)
★ 6 Funny Characters & 6 Unique Cars (each car has different characteristics)
★ 6 Unique Tracks in Beautiful 3D Environments
★ 3 Drive Modes (Accelerometer, Touch & Joystick)
★ 3 Different Weapons in Battle Mode (Bazooka, Grenade & Machine Gun + Shield Protector)
★ Amazing 3D effects and sound effects
★ Hours of gameplay
★ No ads
Required Android: 2.3.3 And Up

Download Links:
Install the APk And Play.

Redneck Revenge v1.1.1 APk+Data

Google Play:

Redneck Revenge v1.1.1 APk+Data

It's the finish of another day for our smart ol' cracker. however even as he is getting down to shut the bar, strange customers begin coming back in through the door! Damned! Zombies! Grab your weapons and deflect many zombies during this unlikeliest of shoot 'em ups. be careful for dentures, mad cows and alternative zombie abominations during this cartoon-style vertical shoot 'em up. Our cracker can got to build a stand and acquire to grips with all styles of weapons, each standard.

Required Android: 2.2 And Up

Download Links:

APk File:

Redneck Revenge v1.1.1 Apk

Redneck Revenge v1.1.1 APk

Data Files:

Redneck Revenge v1.1.1 SdData Full

Redneck Revenge v1.1.1 SdData Full

Install the Apk and Place Data In SdCard/Android/obb and Play.

Cordy 2 v7634 APk[Fully Unlocked]

Cordy 2 v7634 Unlocked Full APK

After a long and harrowing journey, Cordy and Volt finally arrive at World 2, only to find it besieged by the evil Boogaloo. Help Cordy and Volt as they set off to save the Zap Drops from Boogaloo's evil minions, the Boogie Bots!
Guide Cordy through 3 action packed and beautiful worlds! Fun filled Carnival world, serene Harmony Harbor and epic Sky Factory!
Meet New Friends: As Cordy and Volt battle their way through World 2, they meet many new friends to help them along in their journey! Team up with Magnet Bot, Smash Bot, Copter Bot and more!
Required Android:2.2 And Up

Download Links:
Install the Apk And Play.

FRONTLINE COMMANDO v3.0.2 APk [Unlimited Coins]

FRONTLINE COMMANDO v3.0.2 APk Unlimited Coins.

Emerge from destructible cover points to take down helicopters, jeeps and heavily defended enemy bases. Fight off increasingly difficult waves of enemies over a variety of combat mission types.

Take to the frontline with an artillery of assault rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, med kits, armor and more!
Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at Additional terms may also apply.
Required Android:2.1 And Up

Download Links:
Install the Apk and Place Data in SdCard/Android/obb and Play.

Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Install IPA in iOS 6 without Jailbreak

With the closure of Hackulous and the magical disappearance of Zeusmos, where will people go for cracked apps? While many app databases, such as and AppCake, still exist, one then wonders how you should go about installing the apps without a jailbreak, and without having to deal with certificates and/or provisioning profiles.
A new method, courtesy of Chinese website, takes things a step further by allowing you to install such applications without a jailbreak, and without having to do anything special. It’s 100% free, and it 100% works (for now, unless Apple somehow figures out how to close this). Quite honestly, it’s a bit scary to see how far IOS apps piracy has come. Read on for the tutorial.


  •  PC with windows XP/7/8
  •  Iphone / iPod / iPad
  •  The latest version of itunes (contains drivers for iDevice)
  •  Kuaiyong (mirroir)
It is compatible with Iphone, ipod, ipad and all versions of ios confused!

In advance:

In short, “kuaiyong” is software similar to itunes, but 100% Jap. You will continue to use iTunes to sync your photos, contacts & others. But adding via app will kuaiyong.
Step 1. Connect your iPhone (or other) to your PC, then launch iTunes. Enter your iPhone APP tab, uncheck the “Automatically synchronize new app installed” and confirm by pressing “sync” at the bottom right:

Step 2. To install Kuaiyong, look no understanding has, always click the button at the same place (in 2nd position from the lower right corner of the window installation). And be sure to check the box well when prompted:

Vital Info:
Here is the legend for the subsistence minimum:
Home >> tab and search:

  •  a – Tab Home and Search
  •  b – download manager
  •  c – about your iDevice
  •  d – search result
  •  e – parameters (unintelligible), just be aware that you download the IPA are in “C: Program Files (x86) kuaiyong download”
  •  f – search bar
  •  g – type selection app for iphone, iPad or iPod touch
  •  h – Number of results found in the last search
  •  i- close the search and return to the selection of host app
  •  j – search results
Presentation >> Application:
  • a – button to download / install
  • b – Info classics, similar to those available on itunes whose size, version and date of update
Tab >> your iDevice:

  • – applications on your device
  • b – management of media. Access was impossible for me. Better to use itunes for that
  • c – remove an application from your device.

Answer yes >> non:


Step 1. Open the first kuaiyong tab at the top left, and search (all app are not referenced, but there really). Then select the desired application from the search results:

Step 2. So you get on the detailed application. Click the red button to start downloading:

Step 3. On page download manager, you can see the progress and speed of your downloads. You can also pause or delete them from the list (which premium IPA file from your PC):

Step 5. You can also manually add an application: in the list, make a right click on the app to iphone transfer, then select choice number 2:

Step 6. Then see the properties of your machine that the new app is this:

Well as on your Springboard:

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